Roya Headley


About Roya Headley

Roya graduated from University of Louisville with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. She started her career in Marketing & Property Management in 2013. After helping countless amazing residents find a place to call home, she wanted to help people stop throwing away their money on rent and start investing in their future - so she became a Real Estate Agent with the goal of educating and providing her clients with top-tier service. Roya was given the 2020 PropertySpark Top 20 Real Estate Agents on Social Media award, she is a Mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and is on the Breath of Fresh Air Committee for the American Lung Association. 

While Roya very much enjoys helping her clients begin a new journey (whether they're 1st time homebuyers or seasoned pros), the best part is the lasting relationships she develops with the people she works with.

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